Why I Switched from BlueHost to FlyWheel

Ok, hosting is a big deal in the web world. I like to tell my clients it’s not a problem until it’s a problem. If you go with cheap hosting it can get as low as about $3.50/month. I understand that when you are just starting out this might be what you can afford. And it will work great until there is a problem. This is what I started with as well as many of my clients. Now, I have moved ALL of my sites over to FlyWheel. Here are the main problems I had with cheap hosting and the big things I love about managed WordPress hosting with FlyWheel.

Cons of Cheap Hosting (I Learned These the Hard Way)

  • Down Time – Most of these companies guarantee 99% up time, but that isn’t what happens in actuality. Unless you are tracking it or get feedback from a customer, you probably have no idea when your site is down. It doesn’t seem like a big deal until that crucial moment when you need your website and then discover it’s down. That’s a horrible feeling.
  • Slow – Cheap hosting is shared hosting. This means that there will be slow times every time someone on your plan uses more than their share of resources. Alternately, if you really start to take off and get a lot of traffic, you might make the hosting slow for yourself and everyone else you are sharing with.
  • Getting Hacked – Cheap hosting does not include security. So unless you are updating your website regularly and have installed your own security there is a good chance that at some point you will get hacked. With a cheap company they just shut your site down. To get it live can again can take days and cost you hundreds of dollars.
  • Slow Support – I can’t tell you the amount of times a client has emailed me with a hosting problem on a Friday night and then I end up on hold with support for hours. Literally the most frustrating way to spend a weekend. It is even worse when you finally get through and they give you minimal support. No one has time to waste hours on tech issues.

Why I Love FlyWheel (Also Tested with Experience)

  • No Down Time – I moved all of my clients to FlyWheel about 1.5 years ago. In that time I have not had a single issue with down time.
  • Fast – I have had a couple clients really pick up steam and get 10,000+ views a month. At that point we started to have trouble with slow load times. I had one client whose site was taking 12 seconds to load! When we switched to FlyWheel that went down to 2 seconds.
  • Includes Security – FlyWheel includes security. And if you do get hacked, they just handle it. No extra fees, no waiting for days. You just email them and they fix it. That alone makes it worth it!
  • Email Support – No long forms, no waiting on hold. I just send an email to a person that says something like “Hey guys, we are having a problem with this site. Can you take a look and help us out?” They get back to me quickly. They are pros and go way above and beyond in taking care of anything that comes up.
  • Free Demo Site – If you are in development mode or just want to test it out, you can create an account for free. Often for clients, I will get everything set up in demo mode, and then we can take it live when we are ready.
  • Staging Area – Once your site is up, you usually have to make all changes live. With FlyWheel, you have the ability to work on things behind the scenes and test your updates before making them live.
  • Free Website Migrations  – Normally moving your website from one hosting company to another is a huge pain! It is fairly technical and there are a lot of places something can go wrong if you don’t know what you are doing. Typically you have to pay $100+ to have your site migrated or dedicate hours to muddling through it yourself. Luckily, FlyWheel offers free migrations.
  • Collaboration with Separate Log Ins – This part is awesome. As a designer I can set up a hosting account for you, handle EVERYTHING, and then invite you to become the owner. You get your own log in and you set up payment yourself. With my own log in, I still have access to all of the site related stuff I need. Also, down the road, it is easy to add or remove people to the account, or even transfer ownership.
  • Includes Back Up with Free & Easy Access to Restore – Most hosting includes back ups, but to get a back up restored you have to submit a form and wait for the company to do it for you, and sometimes it includes a fee. With FlyWheel, you can easily see all of your backups and simply click “restore” to roll back to a previous version.
  • Free SSL – Generally this costs $75+ annually. With FlyWheel it is included. SSL is known best by two obvious indicators that pop up in the URL bar when it’s installed: the green padlock and https://. If a visitor sees these two things, they know that their info is being encrypted and they can freely interact with the site without worry.

For most sites, FlyWheel is just $15 month. That is so affordable! Send me a message to help you make the switch, or click the link below.