Don’t let my blonde hair and big smile fool you. I am young, I am a woman, I have 3 little kids and I have web skills that will probably surprise you!

I actually started out in business. I have a B.S. in Business Management (Summa Cum Laude). During an internship with the Billings Chamber of Commerce I figured out that I am actually pretty good at marketing and design – I didn’t anticipate I would be exactly like my dad?! After my internship was over, the Chamber became my first design client while I was still in school at Rocky Mountain College. My dad then advised that I needed to learn websites if I ever wanted a reliable income doing design. So next, I jumped into web and that is when I discovered WordPress. Six years and 100+ projects later I have found my stride and LOVE developing websites with WordPress.

Back to what I was saying about business…. I am an entrepreneur at heart. My favorite thing is to sit down with a visionary in a coffee shop and help translate a dream into a plan and a reality. While websites are my forte’, I am full of business and marketing hacks to help get small businesses and nonprofits off the ground. When I work with a client I jump in with both feet. It let’s me feel like I am starting a business myself every other week.

I come from a crazy (the good kind of crazy) Italian family. They are passionate, creative, love to work hard and love to play hard. I would like to take credit, but a good part of my work ethic, business intuition, and creative mojo came built in. I have this entrepreneurial compulsion that won’t sit still. My husband and I both own our own businesses, regularly remodel properties, and have helped plant churches and launch ministries. It really is a lifestyle!


In recent years I have loved getting the opportunity to speak on websites and marketing. Whether it’s gymnastics, fermenting or business, I love to research, learn and then teach. So sharing what I have learned is pure joy! If you are looking for training or a speaker for your next conference or event, send me a message.