Big Changes!


Sharing this letter with all of you that I sent to my clients a couple weeks ago.

I have some big news to share that has been in the works for several months now. First a little back story, and then what it means for you.

Celebrating 7 Years

I am celebrating my 7th year running Jenna Jones Design. The very best part of what I do is getting to see businesses, entrepreneurs and ministries bloom as we work together. With many of you, I got to be in on the ground level, and then witness something take form and come to life. There is nothing quite like it! I love celebrating with each of you in your successes and getting to be in your corner as you grow.

Growing Pains

While you all have been succeeding, my business has been steadily growing as well. I currently have 50+ clients that rely on me for consulting, updates and maintenance. Additionally, I have been fully booked, often 6 months out, for the past 2 years now. And friends, it has become too large for me to do on my own! Basically, I have outgrown my current business model.

You might have felt these growing pains with me. No doubt there have been times that I have been slow in responding to your web requests. With the current volume, just providing updates and support can take all of my time if I don’t closely manage it. For sure, I have not been able to be as responsive as I would like to be.

New Opportunities

This past year I have been considering options that would facilitate this new growth. Something that would be a win for my current clients and also allow me more room to focus on what I love – working with clients and tackling big projects. And, now, just in the last months have all of the pieces come together.

The Story

Two years ago, I met Crull Chambless with IDdigital while collaborating on a project for a local non-profit (Community Leadership & Development). Crull started an agency with a close friend while doing youth work 17 year ago. Now the team has grown to 20 people in 11 cities.

When I first met Crull, we thought we might work great together, but I was also about to have a baby. Not great timing, so we tabled it for a future date. When Aurora turned 1 (and my brain started firing on all cylinders again) I followed up. Amazingly, Crull sat down with me and said “What’s your best case scenario?” and we were able to put together a plan that fit the all of the goals.

Last week I got to meet with some of the leadership team in Denver and it sealed the deal for me. These are people that share my same heart and passion, that are serving world class clients, and have decades of experience to add to my own. You guys, I think this is going to be a big win for my clients, for me personally, and for IDdigital.

Here We Go!

So, starting this week I will become a partner at IDdigital. IDdigital is a full service digital marketing company. My role will be working with clients, providing big picture strategy, giving design direction and general oversight. IDdigital will be taking on project development behind the scenes, maintenance for my clients, and invoicing. Additionally, this will open up new opportunities for my existing clients. You will have better response times, as well as access to the full suite of services IDdigital provides, if you are interested.


Who Will I Be Working With Now?

Me! I will still keep my business and be creating websites for clients. Actually, now I will be able to do way more websites because I won’t be stuck in the weeds doing all of the other admin stuff that comes with running a business. Basically, you still get me… but now you will also get a whole team of people behind me.

Are They Actually Good? Like, Really Good?

You know it! IDdigital does amazing work for large and small organizations. Check out their portfolio at

New Services

Ok, another big win for you… MANY of my clients have had marketing needs much beyond what I have been able to offer in the past. Well, I have already been collaborating with the IDdigital team on several projects, and I can’t wait to introduce you. I will still get to be your primary contact and account manager, but now with the IDdigital team, you will have access to a much wider range of services. I actually have a lot more to share with you on this point, but want to save all that for another email. More to come from me on all of this!